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Who is Ray?

Ray isn't a person. It's a mantra.

It represents starting from a point of industry veterans in order to grow your company to an infinite potential. Let's dust off the protractor and get to work. 

Who are our industry vets? 

Ray Insights is comprised of a team of data analysts, account managers, and marketers with expertise in CDPs. The majority of the team holds 25+ years of experience identifying customer pain points and creating curated solutions. 

What is a CDP?

A customer data platform is a personalized database crafted by Ray Insights' industry vets. The database can be segmented multiple ways to enhance your company's marketing campaigns. 

How does Ray Insights enhance your marketing campaigns?

Ray Insights models your existing customers and then sends you a list of lookalike buyers to target for your next direct mail marketing campaign. We’ve had a lot of success with increasing customers for companies across categories. 

What are the categories? 

Our propriety modeling system allows us to profile the differences between purchasers within specific categories. Whether it be food, home, apparel, or gifts - Ray Insights considers your business within the context of like companies, while customizing your prospect list to your company's unique needs.  

More questions? 

Ray Insights is defined by being different. And that applies to how we interact with customers. We'll take the time to understand your business and how we can help you grow.

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